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Riding with Loose hips less hands 💃🏼

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

In my lessons this week we have focused mainly on transitions, and using the seat, body and legs as an aid.

Both adults and children have been led to believe that just using their hand in a downhill transition is a practical solution, although it is effective in the short term, your horse can not step through properly into the downward pace if you are trapping their back end with your hand and shortening their step. This exercise allowed me to teach the riders true contact and softness with still hands. Putting the see-saw and rollercoaster hand movements to bed at last.

The rider then has to keep themselves balanced (without using the horses mouth) which enables the horse to stay balanced and on its hocks when moving forewards and through the downwards and upwards transitions.

This week it has been a revelation for many of my clients that they can get from canter to halt using their seat and body and keeping their legs on and going against their initial instinct to use their hand.

We developed from walk halt walk transitions up to canter, trot, walk, halt (and up again). It takes a lot of patience and trusting of the exercise, as basic as it may seem, it is very effective.

It engages the riders core, leg awareness, seat pressures and straightness of the horse and rider. By the end of the lesson the riders were much more effective in the saddle, the horses were soft over their backs, uphill and pushing through into the hand.

If you need any advice or more intel on the exercises get in touch.

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