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Equestrian Services

PAGS Equestrian Services

Polley has been running PAGS Equestrian for 5 years, she prides herself on working with horses as a partnership and adding to their life story and development from breaking in to improving a horses mental attitude and muscle development in its work at any age. ​

Polley teaches to ensure her clients are filled with knowledge in order to feel confident in handling and riding their horses. She cherishes every one of her clients and wants to ensure she can coach them into becoming better handlers and riders than they ever could have imagined themselves. 

Offering a reliable, thorough and efficient service, always available for her clients to contact for help or report back with successful news.


Private Riding Lesson

Private one on one lessons to improve your technique and confidence 

Half hourly rate



Horse Show Assistant


Available to help you at shows to make everything run smoothly

Hourly rate



Exercising | Schooling Your Horse

Schooling and developing your horse at times that suit you,

Hourly rate



Full Livery

Full livery for your horse in a small professional, private, family run yard. 

Weekly rate